2,000% Increase In Organic Traffic – 700% Increase In Leads

2,000% Increase In Organic Traffic – 700% Increase In Leads

To protect the privacy of our client and their business, any identifying information has been removed from this case study. We value the privacy of our clients and extend this same courtesy to all our clients.
In early 2017, we started working with a law firm to help them rebrand, redesign their website, and engage in on-going marketing to help them gain more brand exposure and leads.  Prior to working with us, they had worked with 2 or 3 other online marketing companies but were never satisfied with the results.  This case study will outline how we took them from about 500 organic visitors a month when we started to over 7,500 today and still growing, and most importantly how we took them from getting just 30 leads per month to over 200 leads per month.

Background Details

At the start of the campaign, we completely re-branded the firm, including a new logo, color scheme, completely new, custom built website, and new photography and videos.  Upon launching the new site, we immediately engaged in an online marketing campaign consisting of SEO and PPC to attract direct consumer leads and web traffic, email marketing to attract referral business, and PR to help with brand recognition.

The Strategy

We proposed an 18-24 month commitment for the marketing campaign, including the following components:

  • PPC: Google Ads campaign to drive immediate traffic and leads.  We fully optimized and managed the campaign to ensure our cost per lead and amount of traffic was in line with expectations.
  • SEO: We engaged in a full SEO campaign, including all on-site optimization, off-site link building, and content creation, to help establish the brand as an authority and drive massive amounts of traffic and leads.
  • Email: We built a 10k+ subscriber email list of referring law firms to help the firm gain valuable referral leads and cases, as well as brand and establish themselves as a leader in their market.
  • PR: We engaged in a PR campaign, including both earned media as well as paid placements, to help with branding efforts and further establish the firm as an authority in their industry.

We engaged in all these techniques from day one, and we were fortunate to have a client who understands organic growth doesn’t happen overnight so they stuck at it and remained committed to the campaign for over two years now.

The Outcome

Results really speak for themselves.  The first chart below plots the client’s organic traffic growth from the start of the campaign to date, which has increased from about 500 visitors per month to over 7,500 visitors per month.
The second chart below plots the client’s inbound web lead growth from the start of the campaign to date, which started at about 30 leads per month and more recently has been in the 200+ lead per month range.

What’s Next?

We are still actively working with this client and maintaining rankings for our current keywords as well as adding a few new terms each month to optimize.  We are anticipating within the next year we will see over 10,000 organic visitors per month and well over 300 inbound leads per month.
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