5 Unique Ways To Come Up With Blog Ideas

Brendan Egan

5 Unique Ways To Come Up With Blog Ideas

Search engines continue to focus more and more heavily on regularly updated, well written content. And the reality is the 400 word basic blog posts that used to rank a few years ago simply won’t rank today and aren’t really helping in driving traffic to websites anymore.
What we need to be posting today are much more thoughtful, well written, and lengthy articles that are focused on a specific topic, researched around targeting a certain keyword in search results, and subsequently promoted via various channels to build natural links.
Aside from a lack of time, the number one reason people don’t write these types of blog posts is simply because they don’t know what to write about.  Here are 5 unique ways to come up with fantastic blog post ideas.

1: Interview Your Colleagues (And Competitors)

While your blog is a place to express the views and opinions of you or your company, it’s also a great opportunity to show your knowledge and expertise by also sharing the spotlight with your colleagues and even competitors.
While some may disagree with this approach, I’ve personally found it to be a great way to get varying opinions and more well-rounded blog posts.  Over the years I’ve reached out to several of my competitors and colleagues and asked for them to comment on a blog post or give their opinion to be featured in a post, and I’ve formed some great new relationships with the owners of other online marketing companies, so much so that we send one another referrals and even collaborate on complex projects together.
This is a great source of content, and even a great way to reach out and get to know some other businesses in your industry.

2: Start A Multi-Part Blog Post Series:

Multi-part blog posts or “guides” as some people call them are a great way to write a large collection of content about a complex topic or to explain a topic in great depth.  These posts almost become tutorials or courses in that they offer a much higher level of information and detail than a traditional blog post can.
The best way to write a multi-part blog post is to come up with a relatively broad idea in your industry and write a step-by-step guide or tutorial sharing your knowledge and expertise.

3: Go On A Helpful Rant:

Often times I start writing a blog post in one direction and end up in a completely different direction by the end.  But I’m okay with that — as long as the blog post is still sharing helpful information with my readers that they can put to use.  A blog post doesn’t always have to follow a set structure or even be mapped out in advance, some of my best blog posts have come when I simply sit down and am just in the mood to write something.  I’ll pick a topic and just start writing and see where it takes me.
These types of posts, ironically, often get the most social shares on my blog, probably because they sound the most natural and flow like we’re having a conversation.  Consider picking a topic and just running with it to see where it takes you!

4: Share The Secret Sauce Recipe

Up until recently, I disagreed with people when they would use their blog to share everything — sharing the “secret sauce” if you will.  But the reality is, even if someone knows the recipe to your “secret sauce”, 95% of people either don’t have the right skills or the tools or the time to do it as well as you can.
I know I’ve told business owners literally everything I do when it comes to online marketing, but that doesn’t mean that they have the time or the experience to do it nearly as well as I can.  Even though knowledge is power, applying knowledge is even more powerful.

5: Stir Up The Pot

Controversy.  Need I say more?
Stirring up the pot in your industry is a great way to get others interacting with your blog, leaving comments on their viewpoints, and is a great way to get exposure to your blog posts.  I wrote a post calling out a questionable SEO tactic several months ago, and it received several hundred social shares, dozens of comments, and even made it in front of some important eyes at Google.
Stirring the pot and writing about something controversial is a great way to get attention in your industry and gain visibility for your blog.
Next time you’re struggling to come up with a blog post, try out one of these 5 tactics. I can nearly guarantee you’ll end up with a great new idea and the best part is once you get the idea going, you’ll have written a fantastic post before you know it!