A 30 Minute Marketing Routine Every Small Business Owner Should Be Doing

Brendan Egan

A 30 Minute Marketing Routine Every Small Business Owner Should Be Doing

Marketing can be extremely difficult for small business owners and often gets pushed onto the backburner or set aside for tomorrow. However, this is mostly because most small business owners don’t know the most time effective methods and tools to use to increase their client base.
Every day I go through a simple 30 minute routine to increase our website’s client base, and I’m confident that if you follow this routine you too will see results.
1) Create A Blog On Your Website And Update It Regularly
A blog is an extremely powerful way to convey free information to your potential clients and convince them to choose your company over a competitor. While you don’t have to update your blog every single day, make it a habit to update it at least once per week. Spend the rest of the time replying to comments or questions that are posted on your old blog entries.
2) Create a Facebook page, Twitter page, and YouTube page for your small business
Social media is one of the biggest free advertising means out there right now. It relies on conventional word of mouth advertising from people we know and trust, but it allows us to reach millions of people from around the world that normal word of mouth communication would never reach. Setup your small business on various social networking websites, and make it a habit to check these pages at least once a day to answer any questions, post valuable information, and interact with your current and potential clients.
3) Spend A Few Minutes Looking At Competitor’s Blogs, Social Media Pages, and Websites
You’d be shocked at how much information you can learn from your competitors. A good small business owner is always “keeping up with the Jones'” and keeps a watchful eye on their closest competitors. Not only will you get ideas from your competitors, but you will also be able to improve these ideas and put your own spin on them to stand out against your competition. Some competitors also don’t regularly check their social media pages or blog comments, so being an informative authority and answering one of their potential client’s questions could sway that person to your small business instead of your competitor!
4) With No Exceptions, Set Aside 30 Minutes Every Day To Perform These Simple Tasks
Trust me, I know from experience as a small business owner that if you don’t hold yourself accountable to doing all these simple tasks each and every single day, they will soon slip your mind and end up on the backburner again. These are quick, simple strategies to increase your client base for free and when done correctly can have a dramatic effect on your company’s bottom line.
If you truly don’t have the time to effectively manage your company’s free marketing tools, consider looking to an outside marketing company such as Simple SEO Group to manage them for you. On top of Search Engine Optimization, we also offer social media management, blog content creation, and competition analysis to help your small business flourish. For more details, give us a call at 1-888-918-1665.