AllWorship Non Profit Website Design

AllWorship Non Profit Website Design is a leading non-profit Christian Ministry that provides free Christian music streams to listeners in over 200 countries around the world.  Simple SEO Group nominated AllWorship for our 2012 non-profit project and offered a 100% free new website to the AllWorship Ministry.

The Website Problems:

The previous AllWorship website worked and functioned well for them for years, and they were gracious enough to have a friend handle all aspects of the website for them free of charge.  However, the age of the look and layout of the site was starting to show, and the AllWorship Ministry also wanted to have their music streams embedded directly on their website instead of playing in computer-based media players.
In addition, AllWorship wanted to be able to focus more on their four core areas of the website: music streams, listener letters, weekly email newsletter, and donations.  The current site had these four elements within the site, but the site didn’t properly gravitate around these four core elements.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our designers came in to transfer the entire website into WordPress, a powerful content management system (CMS) that would give AllWorship full access to their site’s content, access to thousands of add-ons and plugins, and full access to Simple SEO Group’s on-demand website support.
We started the project with one goal in mind: giving AllWorship a unified online brand through an updated website with the functionality needed to help keep the ministry running strong.  We spoke at great length with the general manager of the ministry and determined they needed a site that would gravitate around their four core features and also strongly promote and encourage donations to the ministry.
We decided the best route would be a semi-custom WordPress theme in which we took a premium theme and heavily customized it to fit the needs of AllWorship.  We were then able to add several custom features to the site, including three donation options with payment integration as well as eight dedicated music streams embedded directly into the website.  Four of the music feeds are available for the public to access free of charge and were setup using a standard embedded audio player; however, the other four premium streams required a more secure solution, so we worked with AllWorship’s streaming company to provide them with the best option available: a secure, embedded audio player.

The Outcome:

After just two weeks of work, our team was able to produce a brilliantly designed website full of the latest design features and packed with all the functionality AllWorship needed.  We were truly touched by the reach the AllWorship ministry has, reaching listeners in over 200 countries around the world, and were more than happy to be able to assist the ministry with a brand new website.
The general manager and board of directors of the ministry are extremely happy with the new website, and even happier with the level of service and support they’ve received from our team.  We received a short review from Bill Hardekopf, General Manager of AllWorship:

We are thrilled with the work that Brendan and Simple SEO Group did on our website. Their professional suggestions significantly enhanced every element on our site. The average time spent on our website has doubled and the bounce rate has been cut in half. Donations keep our not-for-profit radio station alive, and this new design has substantially
increased our listener donations. Simple SEO Group gave us an affordable solution, and they were a pleasure to work with on this very important project.

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