The Google Heat Map

Brendan Egan

The Google Heat Map

If you regularly follow our blog updates then you already know we preach the importance of ranking on the first page of Google. Engaging in a SEO campaign truly can help your small business get to the top of search results, and I have seen top page ranking be the difference between a terrible business year and an astronomical one.
Sometimes a picture truly does speak a thousand words, so I thought it would be beneficial to share with you the Google Heat Map. This heat map shows exactly where people’s attention is drawn on the search results page, and more importantly shows the areas they most often click.
Google Heat Map Just as we expected, the vast majority of people focus on the number 1-4 search results, with a smaller amount focusing on the number 5-6 results, and virtually no attention to the number 7-10 results. I should mention that this heat map is only valid for page 1 of Google, because about 70-80% of searchers never leave the first page of search results unless they are looking for something very specific.
This heat map also shows pay per click ads as well. It demonstrates that some ads in the top positions do get clicks, however the majority of searchers have more trust in organic results. This is exactly what we talked about last week when we mentioned that organic search results not only build traffic, but they are a great branding tool for your business and also help build trust and confidence in your company.
I’ve shown this simple heat map to virtually everyone who is getting started with SEO, and once we get their website ranked on the top page in the top 5 results they understand the importance of this map. The Google heat map truly is accurate and effective and depicts exactly what searchers are looking for when they perform a search.
So the only question left to ask is does your company fall in one of the red areas on the heat map? If it doesn’t, do you know why and more importantly are you doing something to fix this problem? Take a few seconds to submit the free SEO analysis form directly to the right of this post and we’ll prepare a 30 page SEO analysis and schedule a consultation to show you how simple, affordable, and effective SEO truly can be.