Best Color For A Website

Brendan Egan

Best Color For A Website

It’s surprising how many people throw together a website and put virtually no thought into the actual color scheme. Sure you may have already spent money designing a logo for your company or themed your company with certain colors, but there’s actually a science to picking colors for a website based on the purpose of the site and the niche you are in.
As an example, we changed the color theme of a website for a client and just changing the colors lead to a huge increase in their website’s sales and conversions. There certainly is power behind actual site design, layout, and colors.
On the internet, we aren’t dealing with people directly in a face to face type situation, rather the internet is extremely psychological and visual. Color can play a tremendous role in determining if someone will end up coming to your website again in the future or ultimately purchasing something from your company.
So let’s focus on what specific colors psychologically provoke certain emotions:

  • Red is typically thought of as a color of passion, danger, excitement, and action. We have found that red works best in industries that fit this type of description, such as restaurants.
  • Green is typically associated with money, finance, nature, health, or life in general. We have found that green works best with industries that fit this type of description, such as financial companies, nature companies, or “green” hybrid companies.
  • Blue is typically associated with trust, success, calmness, professionalism, and power. We have found that blue works best in industries that require a good amount of trust from your customers, such as finance, health, weight loss, and other industries that might be full of scams.
  • Purple is typically associated with royalty, justice, luxury, and dreams. We have found that purple works best for industries such as attorneys, luxury products/services, and industries offering something intangible.
  • Orange is typically associated with youth, creativity, caution, and is attention grabbing. We typically don’t design websites in orange, rather we use orange for a call to action or to draw attention to a certain aspect on the website.
  • White is typically thought of as purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. If you are looking for an extremely clean, straightforward site you might consider designing in white and using other colors for your call to action.

There’s literally thousands of potential color combinations out there for designing a website. If you’re in business you might want to stick with blue. If you are in the restaurant industry you might want to stick with red. These are of course just general overviews though and there is much more that goes into designing a website than just picking one color and applying it to the site.
The best option of optimizing a color scheme or designing a new site is to go with a designer that takes color and layout into account and is not just interested in building a nice looking website, but interested in building a website that fits your company, your niche, and will convert well. Time and time again we are contacted to redo a website because it look good but just isn’t converting. Conversions is the ultimate goal of any site, so choose a web design company that is sales orientated and search engine orientated as well.
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