Top 5 SEO Myths Of All Time

Brendan Egan

Top 5 SEO Myths Of All Time

Each and every single time a new niche arises, hundreds if not thousands of myths are born with it. No matter how many times these myths are proved wrong, they seem to never disappear! SEO is not an exception–there are so many SEO myths out there, partially because some companies create these myths as a way to lure in uninformed clients. Some of these myths may have once been true when the internet first came into existence, but now they are definitely in the myth category.
Here is a list of 5 myths that we believe are not only the most important, but are also the myths that are most wide spread and believed by most people:

(1) Search Engine Optimization Is A One Time Activity

Trust me I really wish this myth was true! Staying in the top spots on search engines is a constant battle. As other companies enter the market and start to perform SEO, it becomes a constant battle to see who is using the better SEO company. Additionally, search engines are constantly refining their ranking algorithms, which causes fluctuations in rankings all the time. But don’t worry, there is some good news–choose a GOOD SEO strategy will withstand almost all search engine algorithm changes, and once your website does get ranked it costs much less to maintain this ranking than it costs to get ranked in the first place. This myth is busted!

(2) Higher Google PageRank Means Higher Search Engine Ranking

Wrong! PageRank is a logarithmic table Google set up to determine the relative importance of your website vs. other sites. It is rumored that the main thing Pagerank looks at is number of inbound links. Here’s the truth about PageRank– it doesn’t matter if you have a PageRank 0 website or PageRank 5 website, both sites can rank for virtually any keyword when optimized correctly. As an example, one site we worked on was only a few months old and started out with a PageRank 0. We outranked a well established website with a PageRank 6 on an extremely competitive keyword. This myth is busted!

(3) Great Content Means Great Rankings

This one is a little bit more tricky. One of the most important factors search engines look at when ranking your site is content, so yes great content can mean great rankings. But content is only one piece in the puzzle, so great content alone won’t rank your website. As an example, one website we worked on had literally hundreds of blog entries with great unique content about their niche, but until we performed a full scale optimization, the site ranked for virtually nothing. But this content did make our SEO efforts much less painful and quicker, so don’t throw out the importance of good content. This myth is busted!

(4) SEO Takes Years To Achieve Results

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Just in the last month we ranked a brand new website extremely close to the top of search results for a keyword with over 8 million competitors! And as we write this post it is still climbing in the rankings. Now don’t get me wrong, if you want to come up in the number 1 spot when people search for “Cars” for example, this will take years, but most keywords take only a few months. There are SEO companies out there, some of which I have personally dealt with, that have quoted me 1, 2 even 3 years for some keywords that we got ranked for in just a few months, so this is likely the source of this myth as they make more money the longer you stay signed up with them. This myth is busted!

(5) SEO Companies Can Guarantee Ranking Results

I really wish this were the case, but due to the literally thousands of factors out there no one can guarantee you results. Now don’t get me wrong, our SEO method is extremely effective and I can’t think of an instance where we didn’t get a site ranked well, but there could be that one keyword out there that has competitors pouring money into optimization and that we just won’t be able to rank for. Since there are so many factors that the SEO company has no control over influencing search results, no one can guarantee you with top spot rankings. This myth is busted!
Hopefully by busting these 5 SEO myths you will be more informed and prepared to make an educated decision about search engine optimization for your small business. If you have further questions about SEO, the process, the time frames, the costs, or anything else, give us a call at 1-888-918-1665 or submit a free SEO consultation request and receive a customized 30 page report for your small business!