Small Business Email Marketing Tips

Brendan Egan

Small Business Email Marketing Tips

Take a quick second to check your personal email. If you’re like most of us, every single day you get offers from various businesses that you conduct business with. I have my personal email open right now and I have 5 emails from just today from businesses trying to get me to be a repeat customer.
Email marketing certainly is a powerful tool. When your business gains a new customer, you have an excellent opportunity to collect their personal information and add it to your contact book. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a department store and they DIDN’T ask me for my email address, phone number, or mailing address.
But the problem is most businesses don’t know the proper balance between building long term customers and flat out being annoying. My emails get forwarded to my Blackberry and when I’m in a meeting, on the phone with a customer, or at a social event I don’t like being bombarded with solicitations on my personal phone.
Of the literally hundreds of companies I do business with, I have only received emails from ONE SMALL BUSINESS that properly utilizes email marketing. This company sends out one monthly newsletter with updates about their company, special offers, and any other information they wish to convey. They send out this email the same exact day every single month, and once you receive that one extremely detailed email you won’t hear from them again for another month. Plus, they offer value to the person reading the emails.
Here are some extremely simple tips for your small business to make sure your emails are effective and don’t end up getting deleted or worse annoying your customers:

  • Make sure your email adds value. This could be by adding some special information, a special discount, or a new or updated product or service announcement
  • Have someone else read your email before sending it to make sure you don’t sound like a used car salesman
  • Never send out the same email more than once. That includes reminders that an offer “ends tomorrow”
  • Set one date per month to contact your mailing list and only send out one email per month
  • Never purchase email lists or send unwanted emails. They are illegal and will do more harm to your image than good
  • Make it easy for people to unsubscribe to your email list
  • Lastly, have a clear call to action in your emails. This can be a coupon, special discount, phone number, or special web page

Following these extremely simple, common sense tips will not only help your acheive higher email marketing conversions, but will also keep your customer base happy with you. If you need additional assistance with forming a strong email marketing campaign, contact Simple SEO Group at 888-918-1665.