Simple SEO Group Now Offers Free SEO Analysis

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Simple SEO Group Now Offers Free SEO Analysis

Simple SEO Group is now offering a risk free, no obligation small business SEO analysis to identify the various strengths and weaknesses of your website and also address how our SEO strategies can help.
This 36 page report is broken down into 7 main sections which outline specific details of your website, including number of inbound links, domain history, current rankings, and much more.
The purpose of this report is to inform small business owners of potential SEO problems with their current website structure, linking, and search engine presence. Most small business owners don’t even understand the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO, and this report will help bring them one step closer to understanding the importance of organic search engine traffic.
Perhaps the most important part of the report is the keyword analysis section, which shows potential keywords for your company’s niche and explains exactly how much traffic is associated with each of these keywords. Some keywords receive tens of thousands of searches per month, and this is all traffic that is being funneled to your competition.
For more details on our free SEO analysis, contact Simple SEO Group at 1-888-918-1665 or click here to request your free analysis.