Small Business SEO Tips

Brendan Egan

Small Business SEO Tips

Small business owners have literally tens of thousands of things on their mind. From taxes to inventory, from marketing to employees, the mind of a small business owner is a very, very, VERY busy place.
Small businesses have played a critical role in the US for centuries, and played an extremely important part of the recent economic recovery. So yes, small business owners obviously are doing things right. But are they doing everything they can to build their client base and overtake their competitors?
Most small businesses aren’t. That’s because 9 out of every 10 small businesses don’t know a thing about search engine optimization! Small business SEO is critical in building more customers and increasing revenues. But with all the other things on a small business owner’s mind, they simply don’t have the time to learn the hundreds of aspects that go into properly optimizing a website and ranking it in the major search engines.
Simple SEO Group is here to help! We’ve put together several small business SEO packages that literally any small business can afford. On top of that, we’ve put together a few simple DIY tricks that a small business owner can do to improve their website ranking:

  • Publish important company information on your company’s website, such as special offers, discounts, or coupons
  • Start a company blog to talk about developments in your company, your industry, and to connect with customers
  • Start a small business SEO campaign and target realistic long tail keywords to help rank quickly and economically
  • Evaluate your current marketing plan and reduce inefficiencies to create room for small business SEO

As someone who owns another small business, I know the importance of small business SEO. Once we put together an effective SEO plan for that business, we saw not only an increase in monthly revenues, but we also saw more stable monthly revenues. This stability is extremely important in the small business world, and has truly improved virtually every aspect of our small business.
To learn more about how your company can benefit from small business SEO, request a free SEO analysis or call us at 888.918.1665.