Why SEO Is Extremely Challenging For Small Business Owners

Brendan Egan

Why SEO Is Extremely Challenging For Small Business Owners

Is it possible for a small business owner to tackle their own SEO project? Yes it most certainly is. I personally did it for years before starting Simple SEO Group. However I know from experience that it eats up precious time, and for any small business owner time is an extremely valuable commodity.
It got to a point where I was spending just as much time researching and testing various SEO methods as I was spending time working with my customers. This obviously took away value from my small business, however after literally thousands of hours of experimenting with SEO I nailed a formula that seemed to work extremely well. I then set out to form Simple SEO Group to help save other small businesses from the headaches I had gone through when trying to rank my small business.
Anyways, instead of giving you a history lesson we’ll continue to discuss why SEO is so difficult for small business owners to do on their own. The main reason behind this is the search engines themselves, such as Google. Search engines have a huge incentive to make sure the most relevant websites rank in the top spots for specific keywords. To achieve this they utilize an extremely complex ranking algorithm which determines what websites should be ranking for different keywords.
It is rumored that this algorithm goes through small changes hundreds of times per year, and usually we see large changes to this algorithm every year or two. Now the difficult part of SEO is that search engines never release their algorithm to the public. So if we want to learn how to rank well, all we can do is experiment with different websites to see what strategies and methods work and which ones don’t. This is obviously extremely time intensive and therefore costly to perform these SEO experiments.
That’s the main reason Simple SEO Group was formed–to give small business owners a way to receive search engine optimization on a small business budget but still achieve the ranking results they are hoping for. Rather than go through the headaches of trying to figure out the Google algorithm yourself, let us perform your small business SEO for you and let you spend time on the most important part of your small business–your customers. To get started or learn more, simply submit a free SEO analysis and consultation request and one of our veteran SEO specialists will analyze your small business’ website and deliver a customized 30 page report on how SEO can improve your small business’ bottom line.