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What Exactly Is The "Google Dance"?

Brendan Egan

You’re probably wondering how in the world can a search engine dance…Well, you’d be surprised at how much “dancing” actually does go on in search engines. And no, we aren’t talking about ballroom dancing. The “Google Dance” can occur really … Continue reading

A 30 Minute Marketing Routine Every Small Business Owner Should Be Doing

Brendan Egan

Marketing can be extremely difficult for small business owners and often gets pushed onto the backburner or set aside for tomorrow. However, this is mostly because most small business owners don’t know the most time effective methods and tools to … Continue reading

Top 5 SEO Myths Of All Time

Brendan Egan

Each and every single time a new niche arises, hundreds if not thousands of myths are born with it. No matter how many times these myths are proved wrong, they seem to never disappear! SEO is not an exception–there are … Continue reading

The Difference Between Long Tail Keywords & Short Tail Keywords

Brendan Egan

The first part to any successful small business SEO campaign is proper keyword research and analysis. Most SEO companies bypass this critical step or put way too little effort into finding keywords that you company can realistically rank for on … Continue reading

Google Algorithm Changes 2011

Brendan Egan

As we talked about in our last post, Why SEO Is Extremely Challenging For Small Business Owners, Google makes changes to their ranking algorithm hundreds of times per year, but makes large changes usually every few years. In just the … Continue reading

Why SEO Is Extremely Challenging For Small Business Owners

Brendan Egan

Is it possible for a small business owner to tackle their own SEO project? Yes it most certainly is. I personally did it for years before starting Simple SEO Group. However I know from experience that it eats up precious … Continue reading

Small Business Email Marketing Tips

Brendan Egan

Take a quick second to check your personal email. If you’re like most of us, every single day you get offers from various businesses that you conduct business with. I have my personal email open right now and I have … Continue reading

Search Engine Statistics

Brendan Egan

The results of a few search engine statistical studies are out and the results are absolutely mind boggling. Last year, Google dominated over all other search engines, accounting for about 65% of all search traffic. Yahoo came in a distant … Continue reading

Simple SEO Group Now Offers Free SEO Analysis

Brendan Egan

Simple SEO Group is now offering a risk free, no obligation small business SEO analysis to identify the various strengths and weaknesses of your website and also address how our SEO strategies can help. This 36 page report is broken … Continue reading

Small Business SEO Tips

Brendan Egan

Small business owners have literally tens of thousands of things on their mind. From taxes to inventory, from marketing to employees, the mind of a small business owner is a very, very, VERY busy place. Small businesses have played a … Continue reading

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