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We recently had the pleasure of working with long-time SEO client Sumner Douglas at VCPlans on redesigning his company’s website.  While the site was already in WordPress and optimized for SEO, it was becoming outdated and had several problems we wanted to address.

The Old Website Problems:

vcplans-oldThe old VCPlans website existed since the start of the business, and while it had done it’s job up until now, it was visually becoming outdated.  The site also was not responsively coded and did not function well on smart phones or tablets.

Beyond that and more importantly to our client, the site was not allowing us to make several critical contextual changes we wanted to implement to help improve organic rankings and help diversify traffic through the use of a portfolio and specialties section on the website.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our team came in to completely redesign the website on both the front end as well as the back end.

Since the site was already in WordPress and would be remaining in WordPress, we were able to quickly and easily transfer all the existing content.  This allowed us to spend the majority of our time on focusing on restructuring, redesigning, and reorganizing the site.

We came up with a sitemap and site structure that would allow visitors to easily navigate the site and find appropriate content, all the while being as SEO friendly as possible and extremely content driven.

At the same time, our design team came up with a sleek and updated design for VCPlans that would help them impress potential clients and properly showcase their past business plans.  The new responsive design was coded to work on virtually any device, ranging from computers to tablets to mobile phones.

We also integrated a new email newsletter to allow VCPlans to stay in touch with their clients and share announcements, new business plans, and funded clients.

The Outcome:

The entire site was built in just under 4 weeks, and since it’s launch has helped VCPlans have a stronger online image.  Since launching the site, we’ve also seen tremendous improvements with organic rankings and the site has allowed VCPlans to showcase more of their business plans to potential new clients.

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