Does My Small Business Need A New Website?

Brendan Egan

Does My Small Business Need A New Website?

The world wide web is your company’s connection to the world.  Whether you’re a ma and pa store in a rural area connecting to your customers within a few miles of you or an international corporation connecting to tens of millions of people, your website needs to properly reflect your business, your brand, and your market.
It’s no surprise but it seems like lately we’ve seen another flood of poorly, improperly designed websites seeking out online marketing, but before we start any sort of marketing we always start from the ground up, and that means addressing any website problems.

Website Coding, Programming, & Errors

Looks and layout are a matter of opinion, but website coding, programming, and other errors are a matter of fact.  If your website has coding problems causing it not to render properly (not just on your computer but on various browsers, tablets, and mobile devices) then it needs to be fixed immediately.  If your website has programming errors and certain features don’t work or they take too long to load, then it needs to be fixed immediately.  And if your website has broken links, dead pages, or other types of errors, then it has to be fixed immediately.

Layout, Navigation, & Structure

The layout, navigation, and structure of your site are more subjective, however if your site hasn’t been reworked in the last 2-3 years then it is fairly outdated.  Likewise there have been advances in navigational and structural tools in the last several years that allow web designers today to much more easily layout a website properly, with the right flow and structure.  While these issues are not critical to your website’s existence, they are things that you should plan on fixing or changing as soon as possible.

Marketing Through Social, Search, & The Internet

If you plan on marketing your website through social media sites, search engines, or other internet means, then it’s usually a good idea to start with a clean, fresh, and updated website.  What’s the point in driving traffic to your site if your site doesn’t convert well?  And what’s the point in having your marketing firm spend extra hours working on marketing if they could update the website and automate certain tasks?  It usually ends up being much, MUCH more affordable to redesign a website prior to heavily marketing it than to market an improper website and make small changes every step of the way to accommodate the marketing.

So…Do I Need A New Website?

There’s no yes or no answer to this without looking at the site.  And by looking at the site, it isn’t just a matter of taking a glance at it and saying “yep it’s outdated”.  There’s much more involved than just the look of the site, such as the content management system (CMS), navigation, functionality, coding, URL’s, and other elements.  If you think you might need a new website, the best way to get a professional opinion on the current state of your site is by requesting a free consultation directly to the right.  We work with small business owners all around the world in improving their web presence, and will gladly spend the time with you to explain your website’s problems and what we recommend to fix them.