Don’t Waste Money On Content Feeds For SEO

Brendan Egan

Don’t Waste Money On Content Feeds For SEO

We all know how important content is for our website these days.  It’s so important that a new industry has launched and is actually booming.  This new industry, known as niche specific content feeds or niche RSS feeds, basically has a team of writers who write an article, then send that article through the RSS feed to a small business website for publication.  But wait: this too good to be true process has some serious problems.

Problem 1: Quality:

When you’re paying let’s say $100 per month to a company for a content feed, how good do you think the quality will be?  Researching an article topic, writing an outline, and drafting the actual article takes time.  On top of that, the content you post on your site should be unique to your business.  What sets Simple SEO Group apart from the thousands of other SEO companies is the quality we offer, and we would never receive quality posts for our site through a 3rd party content feed.  You should keep these same quality control standards in place for the content that goes posted on your own site.

Problem 2: The Panda:

In 2011 Google came out with the Panda update which basically hurts sites that have duplicate content.  This is the biggest issue I have with these content feeds in that they sell the same exact content, word for word, to dozens, maybe hundreds, and maybe thousands of other websites.  This means that over time, you end up with a ton of low quality duplicate content which will harm your site in search engine rankings.  There is absolutely NO SEO benefit to these feeds, and in fact it’s actually quite the opposite in that they will actually hurt your overall search engine rankings.

Problem 3: The Context:

There’s two problems we’ve seen with context; first these posts are often copied in the first place which makes them a huge copyright liability and secondly the context is often low quality and even sometimes inaccurate which opens up your business to more liability.  Imagine a how-to article posted through a content feed on a HVAC website that is wrong and leads a homeowner to blow up their furnace?  There’s just huge problems with the content of articles that you don’t review prior to posting on your site.
So with these 3 enormous problems in mind, I would strongly urge ANY business owner approached by these content feed companies to simply say no.  In the long run they may save you a few bucks over writing your own content, but they certainly won’t be helping you, your website, your SEO, or your company in any way whatsoever.  Hire a writer or spend a few hours a week writing your own content for your website and you’ll see fantastic results out of your online marketing campaign.