Email Marketing Website Improvements 200% Increase

Email Marketing Website Improvements 200% Increase

To protect the privacy of our clients, only general information will be provided in this SEO case study.  The name of the company and keywords targeted will not be provided unless our client has permitted us to utilize this information.

Background Information:

We recently worked on a complete website redesign project because the website was outdated, had poor calls to action, and wasn’t converting well.  One of the metrics used in determining the website’s conversion rate is the number of people signing up for the email newsletter/email marketing campaign through an opt in form on the website.
Email marketing is a fantastic lead nurturing tool.  Often times someone will visit a website but not be at the right stage in the buying process to pull the trigger right then and there.  Email marketing allows business owners to capture that lead’s contact information, and stay in contact with them through targeted email campaigns.  This allows your business to be on their mind all the time, and target them when they are at the right stage in the buying process, whether that is one day, one week, or one year from when they first visited your website.

The Campaign:

This email marketing improvement interestingly enough wasn’t a targeted marketing campaign aimed at improving conversions or improving the marketing campaign, rather it was the effect of a quality website redesign job by our team.
When we rework a website, we aren’t just interested in redesigning the site and moving on to the next project.  We actually take time to fully understand the goals of the website, and implement structural changes to allow for overall improvements in revenues for the business.  That was exactly the case for this client: their email opt in form just wasn’t being displayed in the right places or at the right times.
In the process of redesigning the website, we properly integrated the opt in forms into the proper pages on the site and have seen fantastic results in the new layout.

The Outcome:

Since the launch of the new site, we’ve seen a 200% increase in opt in subscriptions to the email newsletter.  The opt ins are measured via a special page we setup in Google Analytics through conversion tracking, and the results are clear as day as shown below prior to the new site launch and after the new site launch:

With this new email marketing campaign in place and successfully converting visitors into opt-in subscribers, we believe this company will see much better long term results through their entire online marketing campaign by having a proper lead nurturing system in place to take advantage of website visitors at every stage of the buying cycle.