Episode 4 – The Coronavirus & Marketing – What You Should / Shouldn’t Be Doing

Brendan Egan

Episode 4 – The Coronavirus & Marketing – What You Should / Shouldn’t Be Doing

In episode 4 of The Brendan Egan Show, Brendan talks about the current coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is sweeping the nation. Rather than rehashing existing information, this episode focuses in on what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your marketing during these times.
Marketing is broken up into three horizons — short, medium, and long term — and while you should be making smart changes in the short term, your medium and long term marketing objectives should remain fairly rigid. They are called medium and long term for a reason, and should be designed to weather what should be a short term storm.
Get tips on what you should do during these times, and remember, marketing is the backbone of your business. Without marketing, you have no customers or revenue, so while it’s important to make smart decisions and smart changes during these times, it is never smart to panic, make knee jerk decisions, or cut off your business’ marketing.
If you’re suffering negative effects of the coronavirus on your marketing, schedule a consultation with us to learn more about what marketing channels you should be using during these times and when to use them to see the best ROI on your campaigns.
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