Episode 7 – Controlling Your Mindset With Daniel Diaz

Brendan Egan

Episode 7 – Controlling Your Mindset With Daniel Diaz

In episode 7 of The Brendan Egan Show, Brendan interviews Daniel Diaz, a serial entrepreneur and peak performance expert on how business leaders, entrepreneurs, and really anyone can get the most out of their daily lives and careers by having the right mindset.
Daniel works with entrepreneurs from around the globe through his proprietary mindset program to help people achieve acute focus and peak performance.  Educated through the Tony Robbins training program, he has a unique way to help people remove limiting beliefs and create patterns and habits of change to live a more powerful life.
In this episode, Brendan and Daniel talk about the mindset of an entrepreneur, breaking through barriers holding leaders back, important daily rituals to help keep you on track, and how even some of the most mundane jobs can be exciting again if examined through the right lens.  Listen along and learn a trick or two for improving your mindset which in turn will help improve every aspect of your life!