Episode 9 – Online Reputation Management Tips With Mike Munter

Brendan Egan

Episode 9 – Online Reputation Management Tips With Mike Munter

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with my long time friend and colleague Mike Munter, a reputation management expert, about Google autocomplete and Google search results, how they can impact a brand’s reputation, and things you can do to fix it.
Mike and I met nearly a decade ago online.  At the time, we were both going after the same organic keyword on Google, and each week we would flip flop between the #1 and #2 positions for the keyword.  After a short time of this, I emailed Mike as I was curious what he was doing to constantly outrank me, and we quickly formed a business relationship and friendship.  Over time, my company transitioned more into helping businesses establish their web presence with web design/development and on-going marketing support, while Mike has transitioned into the go-to expert in the reputation management space.
A business’ online reputation is critical.  Just a few bad reviews can negate hard marketing work, and Mike works with businesses and individuals who have negative information posted online to help them clean up their reputation.  Mike also works with a new cutting edge Google auto-suggest service in which he can append a business to certain search phrases, branding them as a market leader.
Listen along as we talk all things reputation related with Mike!