Facebook F8 Announcements And Changes

Brendan Egan

Facebook F8 Announcements And Changes

Facebook got started around 2004, introduced photos in 2005, added the news feed in 2006, added a real time stream in 2008, the like button in 2009, and has continued to make changes in 2010 and 2011.  In 2004, Facebook had a mere 10 million users.  Today there are nearly 800 million users and growing quickly.
The F8 conference took place in San Francisco where CEO Mark Zuckerberg offered insights into new products, services, and other developments from Facebook.  He also revealed that there’s over 350 million mobile Facebook users logging in every month–a mind blowing statistic and just more information on the ever changing mobile phone market.
While there really weren’t any game changing announcements at this meeting, there were some huge numbers thrown around–primarily the 800 million Facebook members.  With that in mind, we wanted to put together a brief post to talk a little more about social media and Facebook marketing.
Facebook’s number one source of income is advertising.  Facebook ads are getting really expensive these days, however, and are starting to be in the same league as Google Pay Per Click ads, which in my opinion makes Facebook advertising an unattractive advertising means.
But social media is a critical market to tap, so we’ve designed ways outside Facebook’s conventional advertising to market your business on Facebook.  Best of all these methods are much more cost effective than traditional Facebook pay per click ads.
Simple SEO Group begins by setting up or modifying your company’s Facebook page.  We design a useable, informative, well designed page to give Facebook users a place to go to learn about your business.  Then we make sure we post on your page and fairly often to keep your members up to speed on developments on your business–ranging from special offers to new items.  We also manage social media interactions to help your customers connect with you–including answering questions, assisting with problems, providing support, and other general public relations.  We also suggest your page to our network of fans to try to get them to follow you, and we also utilize your current fans to help increase your fan base.  The exact methods we use are an industry secret that gives us an advantage over other firms so we can’t outline our exact processes, but in short we help get more targeted members to your Facebook page which ultimately helps improve your company’s bottom line.
As Facebook continues to grow and incorporate new social media applications, music, video, and much more, it’s important to have a strong presence and reputation on Facebook as a business.