Financial Consulting Firm SEO Case Study

Financial Consulting Firm SEO Case Study

To protect the privacy of our clients, only general information will be provided in this SEO case study.  The name of the company and keywords targeted will not be provided unless our client has permitted us to utilize this information.

Background Information:

Sometimes ranking for certain keywords doesn’t mean you’ll make money online, and that was the case with this financial consulting firm.  Prior to our services, their in-house SEO team had ranked them for all the wrong terms.  They simply weren’t generating enough revenue from the amount they had previously invested in achieving organic rankings, so we began an aggressive SEO campaign to get them ranked for the right search terms.

The Campaign:

After doing extensive keyword research, we started by overhauling the site to properly incorporate the right search phrases throughout the titles, headings, and content.  From there we began link building and the results started coming in.  What was interesting was that over time, the website traffic actually declined slightly, however the client saw a 276% increase in online revenues generated from organic traffic.  This told us that we were targeting the right keywords and that the previous keywords were not researched properly, even though they were delivering traffic to the site.

The Outcome:

Our client now has clients on 6 continents and is doing extremely well.  They are ranking in all search engines, and while their traffic is about the same, they certainly are seeing far more money coming in as a result of the SEO campaign.