Google Adwords PPC Optimization $250,000+ Savings

Google Adwords PPC Optimization $250,000+ Savings

To protect the privacy of our clients, only general information will be provided in this SEO case study.  The name of the company and keywords targeted will not be provided unless our client has permitted us to utilize this information.
Nearly any business can benefit from advertising online via the Google Adwords or Bing Ads pay-per-click (PPC) platforms.  Whether you own a one-man bakery or are a company with 20,000 employees or anything in between, PPC campaigns can be a fantastic way to drive quality traffic to a website.  In addition to driving quality traffic, the great thing about PPC campaigns are that they are easily tracked via the advertising interface as shown below:

 The Problem:

The problem with Google Adwords and Bing Ads is that while they have user friendly interfaces, they are actually extremely difficult to us to setup an effici8ent campaign.  I can’t remember the last week that’s gone by where we don’t get a call from someone who owns a business, either personally setup or had an unqualified staff member setup their PPC campaign, and is now wondering why they are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars and seeing virtually no returns.
The reality is much like any form of marketing and specifically online marketing, a certain level of knowledge and experience is required to properly setup a campaign and see a good ROI from the campaign.  In our experiences, the vast majority of campaigns setup by businesses either don’t perform well or end up spending more money than they should to gain clicks through search engines.
As a Google Adwords certified company and Bing Ads certified company, we’ve gone through extensive training and testing to ensure we are familiar with all the tools and aspects of the platforms, which means we can use our experience and all the tools available at our disposal to structure a campaign in the best way possible to help see the best ROI possible out of the campaign.

Case Study: Adwords PPC Optimization:

We recently performed optimization work for an Adwords campaign that was setup by another consulting firm.  The campaign was setup well for a campaign of this size, however there were still several inefficiencies we were able to locate and several keywords that should have been added that weren’t and some that were added that shouldn’t have been added.
After about 100 hours of optimization work, we found that we had performed changes to nearly every single Adgroup and Campaign within this particular Adwords account.
Prior to our changes, the campaign was performing with the following metrics:

After our changes, the campaign was performing with the following metrics:

After performing our optimization of the campaign, we ended up increasing the cost per click from $2.51 to $2.79, which may sound like a bad thing however the cost per click metric really isn’t important in any sort of marketing campaign.  What matters the most is the cost per conversion, or the cost you are paying for every new lead, contact, or purchase.  In this case, we were able to reduce the cost per conversion from $7.31 to $6.30, or a 16% decrease in cost for each conversion.  We also were able to improve the overall conversion rate from 34% to 44%, or a 30% improvement in the conversion rate.
The campaign is still running extremely well at nearly these same rates, and our client actually recovered all the expenses they paid to us to optimize the campaign through savings with the actual campaign within 2 weeks!  It’s projected that these changes are going to save our client over $250,000 over the projected life of the campaign.

The Bottom Line:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a larger business spending millions on PPC or if you’re a smaller business only looking to spend a few hundred dollars, the reality is a properly setup campaign can save you a large amount of money over the life of the campaign.  We highly recommend that business owners hire a qualified professional to setup their PPC campaigns, as typically even though they are paying a management fee they will end up saving more money through the actual campaign and generally will see better results out of the campaign as well.
If you’re considering a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign on any search engine or advertising website, contact us via the form on the right for a free consultation and we’ll explain how our services can help ensure an efficient and properly setup campaign.