How Often Should I Blog?

Brendan Egan

How Often Should I Blog?

Whenever we design a new website and add a blog or take on a new SEO client, the number one question we’re asked is “how often should I blog?”  The short answer to this is as often as you possibly can!  We’ve written tons of articles on blogging, such as fact vs. fiction about companies that do blog as well as information on what Google is looking for, a quality website with quality content.  But the most popular post about blogging that we’ve written is definitely do companies that blog make more money — and the answer is YES!

Blogging For Website Visitors

The main purpose of a blog is to write content for your website visitors.  That content can range from announcing a new employee to how to articles to top 5 lists.  But the main purpose of your blog is for your visitors to learn more about your company and your field of work.  The blog should be informative, provide information on your business/niche, and keep readers wanting to come back for more.
The frequency of updating the blog for your visitors can vary.  Sometimes you may only have one post in a given month, while other months you may have up to 20 posts or even more.  The amount of blog posts written in a given time is going to vary from week to week and from month to month, but what is important is that whenever you think up a topic to write about, update your blog and keep your website visitors informed!

Blogging For SEO Purposes

When it comes to search engine optimization and gaining organic traffic from Google and Bing, it’s important to keep your blog very fresh and regularly updated.  How often does this mean?  Well a lot depends on the size of your business and your niche.  For example a small local florist can get by with only blogging a few times a week, whereas a large financial firm should be blogging at least daily.
No matter how big or small the business, the bottom line with blogging for SEO is that you should keep your blog updated as much as possible.  What this does not mean is writing junk content, short posts, or copying content just so you can blog more often.  The quality of the content is always more important than the quantity, but if you can put out a large quantity of quality content then go for it!

How Often Do You Blog?

We update our company blog a minimum of two times per week.  A blog post is always scheduled to go out every Tuesday and Thursday morning, but as things change or develop in our industry or as we have company news or announcements to make we add them in as needed.
So now that you know how often you should be blogging what are you waiting for?  Get out there and update your blog!