How To Find A Good Business Online

Brendan Egan

How To Find A Good Business Online

Did you find that diamond in the rough or is this just another get rich quick scam by someone in their basement?  No one knows for sure, but here are some excellent tips to getting a better idea of whether a business is legit or just trying to get your money.
Anyone who reads this blog knows that we practice honesty and integrity at Simple SEO Group.  Not only am I very strict about this with myself, but the moment one of our employees or contractors comes within 50 feet of the grey area they are out the door for good.  No exceptions.  But unfortunately most companies and some would argue especially online based companies don’t practice these same standards.  I know I personally have encountered these companies time and time again, but what’s the trick for spotting these companies from the get go to not only save money but also save your precious time?
There’s obviously no crystal ball to figure out what company is truly legit and what company isn’t.  You can fake reviews, fake testimonials, fake pictures, fake results.  But there’s a few things I look for when judging a business:
1) Do they seem to take pride in their business?  Do they post their picture or information somewhere on the site?  If yes then this is a very good sign.
2) Do they have a regularly updated website?  If yes it shows they are committed on a full time basis to their business.
3) Do they have a phone number listed and do they actually answer the phone or return phone calls in a timely manner? If yes then this is also a very good sign.
4) Do they have a good review score or a good BBB rating? Do they have any complaints on consumer protection websites?
5) When you talk to them on the phone, do they sound knowledgeable about their field and willing to help and work with you or do they sound like a salesman reading from a script telling you everything you want to hear?
I think of all these points, point 5 is the most important.  There’s never all good news about anything, so when someone is telling you everything you want to hear and not one single ounce of drawbacks or downside then I immediately put up my red flag and become alert.  Someone running a legit business doesn’t need to sugar coat things or try to convince people to become their customers.  It happens naturally because they have a good product or service, and I’m a firm believer that when this is the case and the person on the phone knows what they’re doing and stands behind what they’re doing it’s reflective in what they say, how they say it, and the way they present themselves.  To me this truly is the best way to find a good business online.