How To Go From Small Business To Global Brand

Brendan Egan

How To Go From Small Business To Global Brand

Not every small business wants to become a globally recognized brand, but for many small business owners their dream is to become one of the larger players in their niche or at least to become a recognized player in their niche.  We’ve worked with companies ranging from businesses with thousands of employees to traditional small businesses with only a few employees to start-ups operating out of their garage and everything in between.  During this time we’ve learned some fantastic tips for bring your small business from a true small business and transforming it into a global brand.

Perception Is Extremely Important

When a client calls you, do they receive a home-like answering machine or do they receive a professional phone system or better yet a receptionist?  When you mail an invoice, is it branded or does it look like something that came out of a $20 program from an office supply store?  Do your business cards, stationary, website, and all other elements of your business look unified?  These are just a few of the thousands of small things we talk with business owners about when forming a brand, and it’s important to have the right perception if you want to grow your business.
Perception is literally everything.  You can take a terrible business and give them a great perception and take a fantastic business and give them a terrible perception and guess which one will succeed?  If there’s one piece of advise I could give to any business owner about growing their business and being on the road to a global brand, it would be to have a good perception in everything you do.

Your Website Is A Branding Cornerstone

Much like perception is important, your website is equally important.  Your website is a branding cornerstone; it’s likely the first place potential customers will go when shopping around and likely will be the determining factor in whether or not they choose your company or a competitor.
Does your website flow well?  Is it branded properly?  Does it convey the right messages at the right times?  Is it optimized to maximize conversions?  These are all questions you should ask yourself about your current website, and if it’s anything less than stellar you should definitely consider a redesign.  On top of that it’s important to make good decisions during the redesign; when it comes to websites you’ll get what you pay for so be sure to tell your designer that you’re after a high quality site and willing to pay the price for it, you’ll see a fantastic ROI in the long run.

Content Still Is King

Perhaps one of the best and easiest way to grow your brand is through online content.  Today we have a fantastic resource available for small businesses and that’s a blog.  A blog allows small businesses to reach hundreds of millions of people through their website, and with the help of search engines you can easily grow your brand with content.
What if you’re a small, local medical practice but you have a stellar online resource with thousands of articles on various procedures, new techniques, and you develop your blog to be the go-to-source for your specific medical niche?  Before you know it, you’ll have people from around the world contacting you to schedule face time, and you’ve just become a global brand that easily.
Content is a fantastic way for any business to become globally recognized and get in front of millions of people, so if you don’t have a blog and you aren’t contributing quality content to it then I would highly suggest starting as it will help in every facet of your business.

Making The Right Choices

Sometimes becoming a global brand goes beyond branding, impressions, and content and it comes down to making the right choices. We’re all humans and all make mistakes, but what is extremely important as a business owner is to make your mistakes once and learn from them.
I’ve worked with dozens of business owners who just shouldn’t be business owners because of this.  They consistently make the wrong choices, and they don’t learn from those mistakes.  They find theirselves stuck in the same circle facing the same problems week after week, year after year.  To become a global brand and grow a business, you have to make sure you’re consistently making the right choices and approaching your business with the right attitude and level of dedication.  Without these things you’ll never be able to grow into a global brand.

Working With The Right People

And lastly, one of the most important parts of becoming a global brand is working with the right people.  This means working with the right employees or contractors and it also means working with the right clients.
First off it’s obviously important to work with the right employees and subcontractors.  These are the people carrying out the operations of your business and should be the best of the best so you consistently put out the best product or service available.
But perhaps less obvious is the importance to work with the right clients.  You want to form relationships with clients that are beneficial to both your business and the client, and this means making sure your client has the ability to pay for your product/service, is dedicated to your product/service, is looking for a long term relationship, and is someone with realistic expectations.  By working with the right clients, you’ll be able to open thousands of new doors through different referrals and opportunities that will arise along the road.
These five tips won’t bring every business from a small business to a global brand, but they most certainly are a fantastic starting point and have been some of the most important lessons I have learned along the way in growing Simple SEO Group.  We’ve helped dozens if not hundreds of businesses with these simple tips and with implementing them, and I’m confident that if you follow them you’ll be setting your business up for success.