Hurting Your Website With "No Contract" SEO Providers

Brendan Egan

Hurting Your Website With "No Contract" SEO Providers

We’ve talked before on our website numerous times about pay to rank SEO providers and the problems with them and why you don’t rank.  However due to some recent search engine updates, there appears to be even more harm behind these no contract, pay when you rank SEO providers.
There’s numerous different types of SEO providers out there, and all of them do slightly different things to help improve your rankings.  We’re a white hat SEO firm, which means the things we do fall within search engine guidelines, but there are gray hat firms that do some questionable things, and then there are black hat firms that do things that are “illegal” to search engines.  The main difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is the cost — white hat SEO is adding value to the internet and much more expensive/labor intensive while most black hat SEO is considered spamming and is done by using automated computer software.
When it comes to “no contract” SEO providers and pay when you rank SEO firms, they are typically utilizing questionable SEO methods to get you ranked.  After all, they get paid only when you rank, so it’s in their best interest to get you ranked fast and not to worry about your return on investment (ROI) or long term rankings/success.

The Biggest Problem Today With These Firms

The biggest problem today isn’t that you waste money with these firms.  The big problem is that search engines are penalizing sites more and more for participating in schemes to manipulate rankings.  I’ve seen numerous websites get penalized for using low quality, spammy SEO providers, and after you’ve used one of these providers it’s becoming more and more difficult for us to correct the bad SEO and get your site ranked again.
It seems as if Google views your website this way: after you’ve participated in spammy SEO practices, you don’t just have to do SEO to recover, but you have to go above and beyond to prove to them that your website is now worthy of ranking again.  And in many cases we have to go back and try to find a way to manually undo thousands of computer generated links that are hurting your overall website rankings.
Now this might sound like an extreme case, but it really isn’t that far fetched.  Automated programs are available that can build thousands and even hundreds of thousands of links in as little as a few days.  But I’ve never seen a program where you can “undo” all these links, which means we have to spend hundreds of man hours going in and trying to undo these links, and in many cases there’s simply no way to remove the links.
So before you think you can save money by going with one of these pay as you go, no contract SEO firms, make sure you consider your website and business’ long term objectives.  If you’re looking for long term rankings and ROI, then these firms likely aren’t the best choice for your business.