Introducing Rank Tracker: A New Feature For Our SEO Clients

Brendan Egan

Introducing Rank Tracker: A New Feature For Our SEO Clients

We’re always trying to blaze the trail in the SEO world and provide our clients with the best possible services and tools at the most affordable prices and we’ve done it yet again.  Introducing Simple SEO Group’s new Rank Tracker feature–a free tool available exclusively to our SEO clients.  The Rank Tracker is just one new feature within our brand new client portal–a place for you to go to find out everything and anything about your account with Simple SEO Group.
Within the client portal you’ll find vital information such as keywords, website data, work logs, reports, billing information, and other client specific information for your account.  This new portal will streamline the process for making changes to your account and for providing you with great customer service, transparency, and communication.
Within our client portal the most powerful tool is certainly the Rank Tracker.  The Rank Tracker is a new tool developed by Simple SEO Group to follow the current placements of all your keywords that we’re working to optimize.  This will provide you with information such as the specific keywords, the starting rank, the current rank, the change in rank, and a chart displaying all your keywords and their current positions.  You’ll also have the ability to scale back in time to view any ups and downs that your keywords have had.
Our client portal is protected using a SSL connection and is password protected so only you can access this vital, confidential information.  You can also make changes to your account in the portal, post questions for our support team, and get answers to questions that our clients frequently ask.  We’re excited to launch our new client portal with rank tracker and hope you’re just as excited to have yet another reason to be glad you choose Simple SEO Group for your online marketing needs.