The Google Panda Update And Search Engine Rankings

Brendan Egan

The Google Panda Update And Search Engine Rankings

Google Panda. One of the hottest topics for the last few months in SEO. The Google Panda update is a name given to the most recent Google algorithm changes. For those who don’t already know, Google utilizes a complex, secret algorithm that analyzes hundreds of aspects of websites to determine where they should rank in search engines and for what keywords.
Google is constantly updating their algorithms with minor tweaks. It is estimated that they make at least 1 adjustment to their algorithms everyday if not more often, however once every year or two Google comes up with a major, game changing algorithm update that leaves some website owners very happy and leaves others extremely disappointed.
SEO has been growing in popularity since the last Google Panda update, but unfortunately during this time a lot of subpar, profit orientated SEO companies have also popped up and taken the market over. These companies have done subpar work for their clients that has resulted in short term results, and after the Panda update many of these sites that spent thousands of dollars on SEO and were on page 1 of search results are now no where to be found.
In short, the Panda update places extreme emphasis on quality, unique content on websites and rewards them accordingly.  In addition to quality content, the Google Panda update also places a stronger emphasis on the quality of a link instead of just the number of links point in at a website.  Where the link comes from (niche, location on page, number of additional outbound links, etc.) are now playing a much stronger role in determining the value of a link and how much it will help.
Simple SEO Group has always utilized quality, unique content for our clients and on our own websites, so the Google Panda update actually increased nearly all of our client’s search rankings. Unfortunately many companies went with SEO companies using questionable practices and companies that put all their eggs in one basket. At Simple SEO Group, we know the next Google algorithm change could always be right around the corner, so we’re always adapting our strategy and diversifying the type of optimization we perform, both on and off page, to significantly decrease the effects of algorithm changes on our client’s rankings.
So what should you take from the Google Panda update? The main focus is on content. Produce quality, unique content for your website and the Panda update should have no effect on your website–if anything you will start to rank a little bit higher. Quality content isn’t only important for search engines, but it’s also important to keep visitors on your website and keep them continually coming back. This is just another common sense change that Google has made to help improve their search results, and we personally anticipate seeing several other large algorithm changes within the next year as Google continues to work to bring the best websites to the top of search results and weed out websites that are using questionable practices just to rank in search engines.
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