Held Hostage By A Web Design Firm & Poor Web Design

Brendan Egan

Held Hostage By A Web Design Firm & Poor Web Design

When you ask most people what makes up a good website, they’ll tell you a good layout, good graphics, good animations. Basically all aesthetic aspects of the website. Yes, aesthetic aspects of a website are extremely important, however there are some even more important aspects that are often overlooked by web designers–or worse yet aspects that are often purposefully sabotaged by web designers.
Poor Web Design
Let’s first assume the best and just assume your web designer is ignorant. Poor web design includes using too many images, using non-SEO friendly coding, using images in place of text, using too many animations, and focusing only on the aesthetic aspects of the site. All too often we have clients who spend thousands of dollars on building a nice looking website only to find out that it will never rank in search engines because of the coding or the fact that the entire website is flash or image based. Images and flash are fine–we have several animations and tons of images on our site–but there has to be a good balance between these aesthetic aspects of the site and the actual site content. Search engines have a tough time reading animations and images so they need content to tell them where to rank your website.
We’ve also seen lots of DIY design projects or hiring the neighbor’s kid to design our website type of designs which are not aesthetically pleasing and also not coded right for SEO. In this case we offer web redesign services as extremely affordable prices to get you a simple, clean, SEO friendly website that will rank well in search results.
Web Design Firm’s Holding Us Hostage
This is a situation that makes us at Simple SEO Group extremely angry. Web design firms sometimes go outside the box of normal, standard web design and design things and code websites in a manner that no one else will be able to figure out. This means that when you want to make a small change to your website, you have to call them and pay them to do it. Or when we want to add content to a website for SEO, we are at their mercy and we can’t simply upload the content.
We have a client right now actually that we are working with who is held hostage by an old web designer’s poor coding and strange web structure that has the client extremely frustrated because we can’t make simple on page SEO changes due to the fact that the web designer has things coded in a very “mysterious, back door” type of way.
If this is the case, the best thing to do is to go with a full website redesign. We can design a website similar to your original that is coded properly, meaning you or any other web designer out there can make any changes to your site at any time. We follow standard best practices when coding websites to make sure you aren’t held hostage by us and forced to do business with us in the future if you choose not to. This is a super important aspect of web design that most small business owners know absolutely nothing about but need to focus on when they are choosing a web designer.
Bottom Line If you own a small business and are looking for a web designer, we also offer web design services at super affordable prices. If you still want to go with someone else for your design project, just make sure they are using best practices and standard practices when coding your website so you aren’t left with a website that only they can make changes to.