Most Important Aspect Of SEO

Brendan Egan

Most Important Aspect Of SEO

Singling out the most important aspect of SEO can be a somewhat impossible task. There’s hundreds of different factors that go into deciding where a website ranks. However in 2011 I think there is one factor that tops all others and that is content. Content, content, content.
SEO So what exactly is considered content for SEO?
Anything! As long as it is text on a web page it is considered content. From text based navigation bars to articles to blog posts to static web pages. Content has become increasingly important, especially after the Google Panda update. Content provides users with a reason to be on your website, and also provides search engines with a reason to rank your website.
95% of small business SEO companies place their focus on other tactics that can help get your website ranked for a few weeks or a few months, but then after you’ve paid them things will start to slip. We approach small business SEO with long term results in mind, so while in most cases we won’t see websites ranked within the first 3 months, we will see them ranked and we will see them stay ranked. We have websites that have been ranked literally for years at the very top of search results due to our small business SEO approach. The factor that we add to our SEO approach that other companies ignore is content.
Can I produce my own content?
Yes. We often ask small business owners to help us with the SEO campaign if they have time and produce an article or two every month to post on their website in addition to our article(s). But there are several aspects that go into writing an article that both search engines will read to rank your site and your users will be able to read, so our SEO focused content will likely have a bigger impact on your search rankings than your content. However we still suggest adding content whenever possible, if for nothing else to give people something to read on your website.
So while there are literally hundreds of aspects that go into a website’s ranking, content is one of the most important and probably the most overlooked. It takes time to write quality content and come up with quality ideas, so most people bypass this critical step and move on to easier, quicker, spammier ways of going about their SEO campaign. If you want true long term results the right way, fill out the form directly to the right for a free small business SEO consultation and analysis with one of our veteran SEO specialists.
So let’s get some feedback! Post below what you think is the most important aspect of SEO in 2011!