Small Business Motivation

Brendan Egan

Small Business Motivation

When you own a small business it can sometimes be easy to lose motivation and energy. The stresses, pressures, and drawbacks that small business owners face can be downright depressing at times and leave your motivation on empty.
If you find that your small business motivation is slipping, here are some excellent tips and tricks to regain your momentum and continue pushing forward.

    1. Set Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals For Your Small Business
      Running a small business means there’s no one there to tell you what you need to achieve and when you need to achieve it by. Do yourself a favor and set yourself daily, weekly, and monthly goal and make sure you hold yourself to those goals. Keep track of your progress–either mentally or through a program like Excel–and make sure you are on track with completing your goals.


    1. Network With Other Small Business Owners
      This great trick has two purposes–first off you will get to know other business owners and form a type of support network but secondly you might find some new clients this way as well. Small business owners all face similar problems, no matter what field they’re in, so networking and getting to know other business owners can make a huge difference, plus you might get a new client or two out of it.


    1. Don’t Be Afraid To Reward Yourself And Celebrate Victories
      Last year we made some huge progress as a small business, and my year end reward was a vacation to a beautiful 5 star resort in the Caribbean. As a small business owner, we don’t have a boss patting us on the back or giving us a bonus for good work, so we have to reward ourselves– whether you take a day off to spend time doing something you love, go on vacation, or buy that new car, make sure you keep yourself motivated by remembering to reward yourself here and there.


    1. Have A Constant Reminder Of Your Motivation At Your Desk
      This differs for everyone, but have some sort of constant reminder at your desk of why you are working so hard. Whether your father taught you to be independent and be a business owner and you’re working for him or you’re working to support your wife and kids, make sure you have a nick nack, photograph, or other object near or on your desk to constantly remind you of why you’re working so hard.


  1. Have Successful Habits And Never Break Them
    A huge part of being a motivated small business owner is forming habits and sticking to them. We all procrastinate, spend time at our desk on Facebook or Youtube, and get easily distracted by phone calls from family and friends, but we need to remember to keep our focus and form good habits to prevent these distractions. One great way I’ve found to avoid distractions and stick with my habits is starting to work very early in the morning when I have a lot of work to do–4am or 5am is a very quiet time when no one else will bother you for at least 5 hours.

Small business motivation can be hard to find sometimes, but by following these easy steps you should find yourself holding on to your motivation and the results you see from you small business will be reflective of your motivation. I personally find motivation by following all these steps, by listening to music when I work, and by having a comfortable workplace. I also find motivation in knowing that I have no boss, I set my hours, and I set my own work schedule and goals. I know I am responsible for the success or failure of my business. So get out there, regain your motivation, and get some work done!