The Importance Of Website Conversion Optimization

Brendan Egan

The Importance Of Website Conversion Optimization

Any business owner that uses Google Analytics or a similar tool knows your website has a bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and then immediately “bounce” out of the site or leave the site. Usually this rate is between 30% and 60% depending on thousands of factors. However one thing that isn’t often tracked on websites but is much more important than bounce rate is your actual conversion rate.
There’s two main conversion rates that we like to track–the number of people who visit your website and end up submitting their contact details to you for further correspondence and the number of people who actually end up becoming a client of your business. It’s shocking how many business owners either don’t have tools setup to track this or don’t manually track it to get an idea of their marketing efforts.
The main goal of any online marketing campaign is driving new visitors to your website, however our goal at Simple SEO Group is much different. Our goal is to drive QUALITY new visitors to your website. This can only be tracked by setting up conversion tracking on your website.
Conversion tracking not only allows us to know exactly where our customers are coming from, but we can put a price tag on each customer. With SEO, for example, we can determine that a certain keyword costs us, for example, $1,000 to rank for and has driven us 11 new clients who have spent $4,100 with our company. This allows us to know which keywords are sending us high quality traffic and which ones aren’t working out so well. Not only is this important to track return on investment, but it also gives us as an SEO company a better idea of what types of keywords are more likely to lead to conversions for your company. Our goal is similar to yours–we want to drive you quality traffic and do whatever we can to improve your company’s marketing ROI.
I always am asked the question “What should my company’s conversion rate be?” and there’s no easy answer to that question. Ideally we want it to be as high as possible, but depending on your website layout, marketing efforts, and business niche it can vary from 1% to as high as 10%. Yes, there are more extreme cases, but 1-10% is a good average to keep in mind. Most companies that we work with experience a conversion rate between 2.5-6%.
If your website isn’t currently converting well or if you have no idea what your conversion rate is, simply contact us via phone at 888-918-1665 or via email by clicking the “Contact Us” button on top of each page. We’ll discuss what we can do to track your conversions, improve your conversions, and ultimately improve your company’s bottom line. Conversions are the cornerstone of any successful online marketing campaign, so by not tracking them or not properly optimizing your website you are just throwing marketing money out the window.