Making Your Web Design Job Easier On You & Your Designer

Brendan Egan

Making Your Web Design Job Easier On You & Your Designer

You probably think designing your new website or redesiging your current website is going to be a huge hassle, so you’ve put it off for months maybe even years.  The reality is working with an experienced, quality web design firm can make the difference between a project that is a major headache and one that is completely stress free.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up looking for your first basic 5 page website or an established corporation looking to redesign a hundred page website, all web design projects should start out the same — a consultation call with the head designer.  At Simple SEO Group, that means a call with me directly to talk about your project and needs.
There’s five things you should focus on when search for a designer and you should make sure these points are discussed on your consultation call:

  1. Are You A Good Fit? Not all web design firms are the same.  You shouldn’t hire a firm that specializes in artistic music websites for your company’s website, and visa versa.  Make sure the designer has a well versed and rounded portfolio of prior work.
  2. Special Requests: If you have any special requests, make sure you discuss it up front with the designer and they factor that into the overall price.  Whether it’s something simple like you want the site to be red or something complex like you need a photo management software, make sure you discuss this ahead of time with your designer to avoid additional costs and fees.
  3. Revisions To The Site: Ask your designer if small revisions are included in the price.  Usually web designers will factor for these small changes and will be able to make a few hours worth of changes to your site for you at the end of the project for no additional cost.
  4. Future Website Alterations & Updates: Your website will likely need to be updated down the road — for promotions, new content, new products/services — does your designer offer services to cover this and if so how do they bill? Hourly, per project, or flat fee up front?
  5. Coding & Layout: Does your designer understand the importance of your website not just being there but being your company’s best salesperson?  Will the properly code the website for SEO and marketing, and will they properly lay out the site to get the most conversions?

These five tips are a great starting point to weed out the inexperienced, unqualified web designers for your project.  You should be able to narrow it down to a few web designers from here and choose the one who you think is best for the project.
If you are looking for a new website or a redesigned site, we also offer small business web design packages at competitive prices.  You can also contact me directly at 888-918-1665 to request a consultation and learn more about how we can help improve your company’s online presence.