Does Search Engine Optimization Work For Local Small Businesses?

Brendan Egan

Does Search Engine Optimization Work For Local Small Businesses?

Does Search Engine Optimization Work For Local Small Businesses?
YES!!! This is perhaps the biggest myth out there about search engine optimization. Anyone can get ranked on page 1 of the major search engines, but not every SEO company will be able to get you ranked. Aside from varying strategies for getting websites ranked, 99% of SEO companies that we have dealt with don’t do the most important part of any SEO campaign–keyword research and analysis.
Let’s assume you have a monthly SEO budget of around $300 per month and you’re running a local barber shop just outside of downtown Miami. Now if you want to rank for a keyword like “Miami Barber” this is going to take a larger budget than $300 to get it done, but through keyword research and analysis we will be able to discover various other keywords that also have a good amount of traffic but are much less competitive.
For example, we may want to rank your website for “women’s haircuts in Miami” or “Suburban Miami Barber”. There are literally tens of thousands of various search terms that we could use for your small business that are low competition but have enough traffic to provide a high enough ROI to justify starting an SEO campaign.
I think the best part about search engine optimization is that once you start out with a small budget, let’s say $300 per month, after a few months we will have you ranked for at least some of your keywords. These keywords will generate revenue for your company, and once you notice more customers from SEO, you can increase your SEO budget to tackle more competitive keywords that will deliver even more traffic to your small business.
As an example of this, we had a small business that was less than 1 year old who wanted to rank for 3 extremely competitive keywords. These keywords were so competitive that in the number 1, 2, and 3 spot on Google were 3 of the 100 largest companies in the United States. We advised them to rank for a few less competitive keywords first, then we would generate enough revenues for you to justify spending more money on SEO to go after the bigger keywords. We ranked this small business for over a dozen smaller keywords, then they increased their budget and we went after the extremely competitive keywords. We didn’t pass up the three largest companies just yet, but we did manage to get this company ranked in the number 4 spot–right below the 3 huge companies–and just last month alone they received 18,000 impressions from their SEO campaign.
I could go on and on and on about how small businesses truly can compete in the global online search market, but instead of talking about what we’ve done for other small businesses, take a minute to fill out the free SEO consultation and analysis request directly to the right of this article and let us show you what we can do for your small business!