Five Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brendan Egan

Five Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you found this article because you want to learn more about why your small business needs search engine optimization. First let me tell you a little about why I am writing this article–I am a small business owner who trusted literally a dozen various SEO companies to do work for my small business and NONE of them got me anywhere near page one. But trust me they had absolutely no problem with still charging me!
This was boarder line fraud to me–how could they claim they could rank my website for competitive keywords yet not even get me ranked for the easy keywords? I set out to find the answer and as I soon learned after literally months of research and analysis, they simply weren’t using effective SEO techniques. So to make a long story short, I started doing my own small business’ search engine optimization, saw great results including my best achievement of getting my website ranked top 3 for a keyword with over 200 million competitors, and since then have founded my own small business SEO company to help other small businesses in the same situation I was in.
So on to the meat of this article–five reasons why your small business truly does need SEO:

    1. With SEO, customers are searching for you not you searching for customers. Marketing 101 tells us that as soon as someone starts to try and sell us something, we become defensive and back away as a natural instinct. But what if the search engine did the selling for us, and all we had to do was get our website ranked in the top few positions and just sit back and wait for customers to come to us? Sounds pretty simple right? Well once your website is ranked, it really is that simple.


    1. Studies have shown that search engine marketing is 60% more cost effective than traditional marketing means. Let’s face it, small businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets like monopolies do, so every penny we spend on marketing needs to be spent effectively. With other marketing, this simply isn’t the case. But with SEO, a good campaign truly is 60% more cost effective than traditional marketing because SEO is a long term investment–once a small business ranks near the top of search results, it is relatively inexpensive to hold on to that ranking.


    1. 40% of SEO campaigns deliver an ROI in excess of 500%. What in the world other projects can your small business take on that could deliver a return on investment greater than 500%? SEO can be such a powerful tool that not only will it pay for itself, but it will do so 5 times over!


    1. SEO builds your reputation and builds trust in your company. If you search for Soda Pop on Google, you are likely to find Coca Cola and Pepsi. But what if the third result is Bob’s Soda Company? The fact that Bob’s Soda Company can rank with billion dollar corporations says numbers about his company to people searching for Soda Pop, and it truly does help brand your company, build an image, and increase the public’s perception of your small business.


  1. SEO can be painless! Trusting an established SEO company such as Simple SEO Group can truly make your SEO campaign completely painless! We take care of all your on site and off site optimization work and provide you with detailed reports on exactly what we have achieved so far. If you ever have a question, you have a dedicated account manager who is just a phone call away.

So to me, the choice is clear. The only question now is how much longer can your small business afford to continue pouring money into other marketing means before you finally give SEO a chance?