National SEO Campaign Case Study & Results

Brendan Egan

National SEO Campaign Case Study & Results

When it comes to SEO, it’s no surprise that we’re all about results.  We don’t rest until we get our client’s ranked on page 1 for their keywords, and ideally as close to the #1 spot as possible.  Whether your business is large or small, whether your niche consists of thousands of small businesses or one large monopoly, we have the skills, experience, and team to get your website ranked.
During this article we’re going to outline the SEO campaign of a client in the business plan writing industry.  To protect our client’s privacy, we aren’t going to be releasing the details of the client’s website or keywords, which is a courtesy we extend to all our clients at all times.

The Start Of The Campaign

When we got started we had a large task ahead of us.  This campaign got started in January, 2012 on website that was about 6 months old and had a very weak link profile and poor on site optimization.  We spoke with our client and were able to put together an SEO proposal that they enjoyed.  In fact I recall the conference call with our client and his assistant in which they stated that “This company sounds much better than the others”.  I don’t like to tute my own horn, but we truly take pride in being honest, straightforward, and professional with all our clients.

The Actual Campaign

We worked hard on site and off site for this client — just like we do with every client. We took care of their on site SEO processes, notified them of content issues, and encouraged them to blog regularly. Off site we had a moderate sized budget and were able to do a good amount of work building links and partnerships with other websites. We built several hundred quality links for this client, and the results slowly but surely started to show.
The keywords we went after weren’t modest ones — we went after some extremely aggressive keywords, some of which have of 700,000,000 competitors on Google. We’ve ranked clients in this type of competitive environment before, and we were sure we would be able to do it again for this client.
Perhaps the most frightening part of this campaign was the fact that the competitors have been in business for years and have a strong link profile. We were able to overcome that in a very short amount of time — just about 3 months — by building quality link partnerships and properly optimizing the website.

The Results

Again, results are everything to us. We not only want page one rankings but we also want to see our client have a good ROI from the project. We achieved page 1 rankings for the vast majority of this client’s core keywords, and this client has dozens of second tier keywords ranking on page 1 as well. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at a screen shot from their client portal, a free service we offer with all our SEO services:

This shows the improvement over the last 3 months in all the keywords, and the majority are now on page 1 and holding steady. We are continuing SEO for this client still to try and get #1 rankings for all their keywords as we never stop until we get to the top!

It’s Not Just About Rankings Though

We’re about results, not just rankings, which means we want to see our clients get a good ROI from their SEO campaign.
We installed new contact forms throughout the website to allow us to link with Google Analytics and track conversion rates. In the last 30 days this client has an over 4% conversion rate, which for a services company is pretty good. We’re working on targeting additional keywords that are highly targeted to continue to improve that conversion rate even further to allow the client to see an even higher ROI.

Final Thoughts

If you think you’re a small business and can’t compete in search engines, think again. This client is a fantastic example of a small business gaining rankings for highly competitive keywords in a short period of time and competing with the big boys. Any business can compete on search engines as long as you have a little money to invest in SEO and a little patience to get the results.