Realtor Website Design & Listings Management

Realtor Website Design & Listings Management

We recently had the pleasure of working with David & Colleen Black of The Black Team, a real estate team servicing the Birmingham, Alabama area.

The Old Website Problems:

old-site-the-black-team The Black Team’s old website was aesthetically outdated and was a static HTML website with no back end system, forcing any edits to be made in the raw HTML code.
They were able to work with the site and fortunately were fairly well versed in how to edit HTML, however as the time came for an updated design it was also a prime opportunity to make other critical updates to the website.

The Solution & Project:

Simple SEO Group and our team came in to completely redesign the website on both the front end as well as the back end.
We started out with a new logo design which was provided to us by the client, and with this as the basis came up with a new design scheme to work with using the same colors and style of the logo.
We reached a final mockup and began working on the actual site using the latest stable release of WordPress, a powerful content management system which would be able to power the back end of the entire website, allowing site administrators to make edits, updates, and changes all in one user-friendly interface.
The site was designed with a few extra features to make it as feature rich as possible, including:

  • Responsive Design: The site is designed responsively, including a desktop version, tablet version, and mobile version.
  • Listings Management: The site has a full real estate listings management tool built into the backend which allows administrators to add and edit real estate listings through a user friendly interface.
  • Blog Integration: We were able to transfer several hundred posts from a account which The Black Team had been using since 2006 into this new self-hosted WordPress solution to help make the transition from blog to website absolutely seamless as they are now all part of the same main website.

The Outcome:

The entire site was built from start to finish in about 3 weeks and our clients are extremely happy with the end result.  The fresh new design and powerful backend system will allow them to continue to grow their business online and rank higher in their local market thanks to the SEO friendly coding and structure we built into the site.

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