Results After 1 Year Of SEO

Brendan Egan

Results After 1 Year Of SEO

We’ve had some clients with us for a long time, and one of our clients just hit their 1 year anniversary with us, so I want to share their results after 1 year of SEO.
This client (whose website we are not going to reveal for privacy reasons) is in the financial services industry and is using our Gold SEO package.  This client had absolutely no search engine traffic or rankings when we first started the campaign, and now they are seeing nearly 1,000 clicks every month and thousands of impressions.

Image: Results After 1 Year Of SEO (Click To Enlarge)

Results After 1 Year Of SEOThis chart reflects our client’s results after 1 year of SEO.  This website is ranking for nearly 1,000 different keywords, many of which are competitive and the client has top 5 rankings for.  They received over 35,000 impressions for their top keywords last month, and saw about 1,000 clicks from their top keywords.  This is a moderate sized SEO campaign but it’s seen huge results–in fact this client has spent around $5,000 on this SEO project but has seen well over $25,000 in revenues from their investment– that’s a 500% return on investment after just 1 year!  The best part is that not only will this client continue to reap the benefits of their website ranking for the rest of this year, but their site will stay ranked because they are continuing to do SEO and we are even starting to go after new keywords!
Now, $25,000 certainly isn’t a lot of money these days, so we realize this might not be the MOST impressive results we have seen, but proportional to what they have spent a 500% ROI is tremendous!  SEO is completely scalable, so as we continue to do more and more work on more and more keywords the ROI should remain fairly constant, meaning if this client spent $10,000 next year on SEO there’s a good chance their revenues from SEO would be right around $50,000 and so on.
We’re extremely satisfied with this client’s results after 1 year of SEO, and I know our client is more than thrilled with the results.  SEO has allowed this client to pay off some start up expenses for their business and I know they are using some of their revenues to invest in additional marketing for their small business so they will continue to see increases in their monthly revenues.
If you’re interested in learning more about how SEO can help your website, fill out the form directly to the right to request a free consultation and one of our online marketing specialists will contact you as soon as possible!  Congrats again on these great results after just 1 year of SEO and here’s to much more results into the future!