SEO Results Aren’t Always Easy

Brendan Egan

SEO Results Aren’t Always Easy

SEO results aren’t always easy.  That doesn’t mean we can’t do it, it just means it isn’t always a fast improvement.  In this article we’re going to share details on a campaign we’re managing as well as outline some struggles that arose that happen during SEO campaigns.
I’ll start by saying that we believe in keeping all our clients private when it comes to SEO, so in this article we’ll talk generally about a campaign and never mention the keywords, URL, or website.  That’s simply a measure to protect our client’s privacy and has nothing to do with the actual campaign.
So this campaign began back in October — a relatively new campaign but a campaign that should see decent results by now (March).  And decent results are exactly what we see — all their keywords are ranking in the top 5 results and our client reported to me that they’ve had the best start to a year ever.
But this campaign had some ups and downs, which quite honestly most SEO campaigns experience.  You may have heard of the Google Dance, Sandbox Effect, New SEO Effect, or other terms that describe bounces in ranking when you start an SEO campaign and this certainly happened in this case.  Let’s take a quick look below at our in house rank tracker for this campaign:

You can see on the chart above that many of the keywords have bounced around — that is they go up, down, sideways, but overall the trend is upward.  That’s pretty normal with an SEO campaign as search engines need to determine where to rank a website and when we do SEO work they become a little confused at first about all the improvements.  But over time they stabalize and realize that the website is high quality and should be ranked higher.
In this case our client was great and patient during this process as he understands SEO is a longer term investment in the business, but in many cases our clients are very antsy about SEO results.  It’s important to remember that to achieve sustainable SEO results on a small budget (this client’s budget is only $297 per month and they have a fairly competitive market) you have to be patient.  One of the things I always say to new clients is we need one of two things from you: a large budget or a large amount of time and that was the case here as well — in this case the client opted for a large amount of time and after 5 months of SEO work we’ve ranked them in the top 5 for all their keywords.
What should you take from this? Just remember not to be antsy about SEO results when you go with a high quality company.  Yes there are companies out there who offer “SEO” that do absolutely nothing, so be careful of that, but if you go with a reputable company such as Simple SEO Group you don’t need to worry about your results — everything is transparent and I can personally assure you that our team is working hard to get your site ranked as soon as possible, but sometimes SEO results just aren’t easy and the road to the number one spot can be a little bit of a bumpy ride.