Simple SEO Group Website Redesign

Brendan Egan

Simple SEO Group Website Redesign

We’re extremely excited to roll out the all new Simple SEO Group website!  This new website layout and theme combines a crisp, clean look with an extremely high level of usability and function.  A special thanks to Aric Smith, our web design manager, for overseeing this project and getting things up and running.  It’s been a few long days but we think the new site will help improve the end user’s experience (that’s you!) and ultimately that is our main goal.
For those who aren’t familiar with the old site layout vs. the new site, feel free to take a look at the two screen shots below:

We apologize for any down time you experienced while we were busy upgrading our site but I’m confident that the new features we are rolling out will be well worth the short term inconvenience.  If you’re interested in upgrade your website or adding features, visit our web design services page for more information and to schedule a free consultation!