Simple SEO Group’s Rebranding And Site Redesign

Brendan Egan

Simple SEO Group’s Rebranding And Site Redesign

For those of you who follow us closely, you’re probably thinking “didn’t they just redesign their site”?  Well the answer is yes we did, back on September 21, 2011 when we rolled out a round of changes to the website and client portal areas.  Those changes (although now outdated) can be found in this blog post that we released to inform our clients of these changes.
Fast forward just 8 months later and Simple SEO Group has grown dramatically, taking on numerous new, fantastic clients and still working hard for our favorite loyal clients, many of who have been with us since day 1.  We decided to take the drastic step of rebranding for a few key reasons:

  • Our old brand wasn’t much of a brand.  Our logo was dated, plain, and Simple SEO Group didn’t mean much to anyone
  • Our old site had some limitations and had a dated, somewhat dreary feel that we just plain old didn’t care for
  • We wanted to build a full circle brand and have a fun, clean, and positive feeling website that our visitors would love

I think through our redesign we’ve accomplished numerous things, including all the points mentioned above.  You can click here to check out the homepage or view our screenshot below:

In addition to the brand new website look, we’ve also rolled out a brand new client portal.  Our old client portal was great for our clients to view their rankings and important information, but our new portal is updated, integrates search engine rankings with Google Analytics data, Adwords data, social metrics, and backlink profiles and gives about 10 times more data than our old portal.  This change will allow our team to easily monitor your campaign and give you access to many of the same things our team looks at on a daily basis to keep your marketing campaign running smoothly.
As time goes on and we continue to grow, we’ll likely be writing another post similar to this when we launch another redesign or new features for our clients, but that’s always part of the growing process.  We truly believe in staying at the forefront of our industry and delivering the best solutions available to our clients, which starts with us making sure we have the best, most user friendly website and client tools available today.
We welcome any comments on the new site, client portal, or any questions — either via the “comments” box below or via email if it’s a more personal, sensitive question/comment.  Thanks for your patience during the site relaunch and thanks to all our amazing clients who have allowed us to grow into the fantastic marketing company we are today.