Small Business SEO and Why You Should Start TODAY!

Brendan Egan

Small Business SEO and Why You Should Start TODAY!

It’s important to get started with your small business SEO campaign TODAY!  Why you may ask? Two main reasons: Competition and Seasonality
Competition is the number one factor in SEO and determines how much time and money it will take to rank for a keyword.  Every single day that your small business decides to skip on SEO is another day that your competitor who is doing SEO can get a bigger jump start on you and make the keywords more competitive.  Think of it this way: If you were running a race and you realized your opponent got a head start, you wouldn’t look up, see him running already, and say “Eh, I’m going to wait a little longer to get started”.  NO! You would start running the race immediately, and probably start running harder than you ever thought you could run.  It’s the same with SEO– the sooner you get in the race, the sooner you can catch up to and pass up your competitors–and in this case, it’s not a matter of winning a silly race, it’s a matter of fighting to earn precious new customers.
Seasonality is another factor in SEO.  If you’re a company that does most of your business during the 4th financial quarter of the year, well folks we’re now in Q4.  Christmas is just around the corner (I know I’m still wearing my sunscreen and trunks as they put Christmas merchandise out at the big box retailers).  But if you want to get your site ranked and get new traffic in time for the big spending season, then this is the absolute latest you can wait to start your SEO campaign and have a chance at getting your website ranked.  Don’t put it off another day–the longer you wait the more resources we’re going to have to put into your SEO campaign to get you ranked in time for the holidays.
If you’re a small business and aren’t currently doing SEO, don’t currently have a website, or are confused about the true value of SEO, just fill out the free consultation form directly to the right.  You’ll work directly with me on your SEO campaign–just ask for Brendan–and I’ll work with you from start to finish making sure you receive that small business customer service that you deserve.  Small business SEO is critical to having an online presence for your company, so don’t put it off another day.