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Brendan Egan

KATE BROOKEFounding Attorney

I am pretty tech savvy but, as a professional, I have little time to pay attention to my domain, web-hosting, e-mail exchange accounts and so on. In fact, there have been days I threatened to drop the whole notion of an internet presence if GoDaddy contacted me one more time about renewing, updating or otherwise paying for one more something that I don’t really need, understand or even want to understand. It was about that fifth or sixth GoDaddy junk mail in one week that I was referred to Brendan Egan and Simple SEO Group. Brendan redesigned my website into one I could really be proud of. He took over my hosting. If I need something, I let him know – Brendan, himself, not a customer service rep, and Brendan responds in easily understandable terms, not geekspeak. I don’t get junk mail, he doesn’t try to sell me things I don’t need and my web hosting is, from my perspective, seamless. For a business professional, Simple SEO Group is a business expense that really frees up your time and enhances your internet presence. I am very happy with my result.