TOMMYE LAMBERTAuthor and Founder

Brendan Egan

TOMMYE LAMBERTAuthor and Founder

Brendan Egan and Simple SEO Group provide a blend of technical genius and expertise with personal skills to discern client needs and tastes that produce websites that are artistically superb, user friendly, fast, sound, and productive. They are master professionals in website design and development. Brendan had quite the challenge when we began talking. Not being technically astute coupled with the confusion of no clear vision; I needed a lot of help from the ground up. Brendan assisted me in clarifying my visual preferences and recognizing technical needs. He knows the questions to ask. He knows how to listen. And, he has tools to assist. Brendan responds to questions and ideas in record time. Brendan is brilliant, personal, respectful, and creative, producing quality work in a short amount of time. I was amazed at how quickly the website went from concept to launch. This team is a perfect business model: craft, service, respect, kindness, and quality. I cannot thank them enough!