The Cost Advantage Of Specialization

Brendan Egan

The Cost Advantage Of Specialization

Let’s face it–there’s a lot of information out there on the internet.  In fact, there’s information out there about literally everything you could possibly want to know–it’s often just a matter of finding it.  The internet is an excellent resource for information on DIY projects, how to articles, and instructional videos.  But the reality is this–no matter how great of a teacher you have, it really just doesn’t make sense to learn how to do everything under the sun.
As we learned during the industrial revolution, it makes sense for people to specialize.  Look at automakers– why do you think they use an assembly line?  Why not just have one person work on building every single aspect of one car?  Because it makes far more sense and is far more cost effective to specialize in specific tasks.
My reason for writing this article has nothing really to do with the internet or with car assembly lines, but rather has to do with a question I face nearly every single day by someone interested in our SEO services: “Can’t I just read up online and learn how to do SEO? I can save myself $XXX per month if I do that” 
My answer is always the same — yes you most certainly can if that’s what you want.  I really don’t even spend much time arguing with these people anymore or trying to convince them that we should do their SEO for them because 9 times out of 10 within a few weeks they call me back and sign up for SEO.
I’ll be brutally honest– we aren’t an SEO company that gets clients because we trick them into thinking that SEO is ultra complex.  Sure there are some complexities that arise when managing an SEO campaign, but overall it isn’t extremely difficult to do.  It is, however, very time consuming, especially when you don’t have the experience or resources in place to specialize in SEO.  What would take you 10 hours to do my team can do in an hour or less — quite literally as I’ve seen people try to do their own SEO and spend hours on tasks that take us a matter of a few minutes.   We have knowledge on what does and doesn’t work, knowledge on the best way to do various tasks, and experience.  There’s simply no substitute for that no matter how much information you have at your disposal.
So for anyone that asks “Can’t I just do my own SEO” I encourage you to consider the cost advantages of specialization.  You own a business and specialize in something and do it much better than I could, so trust us to specialize in your SEO and do it much better than you could.  I used to have the same mindset as many of these business owners, especially during tough economic times when we’re all trying to save and cut costs as much as possible, but with some things it just makes so much more sense in the long run to hire a specialized company.