Turning One SEO Lead Into Dozens Of Clients

Turning One SEO Lead Into Dozens Of Clients

To protect the privacy of our clients, only general information will be provided in this SEO case study.  The name of the company and keywords targeted will not be provided unless our client has permitted us to utilize this information.

Nearly every day we see the value that proper search engine marketing adds for our clients.  However, the value that is added extends far beyond search engines and online marketing.  In this case study we’ll take a look at two examples that have occured in the last 30 days of SEO reaching far beyond the internet and opening the doors to other fantastic business opportunities.

Preferred Service Provider Opportunity

We have a fantastic client who works in a B2B environment offering services primarily to new, start-up businesses.  This client has seen fantastic results from their SEO campaign with us, achieving page one rankings for many of their highly competitive keywords and seeing a fantastic ROI.  We’ve utilized SEO to gain dozens if not hundreds of new clients for them, and their starting price per client is approximately $5,000 per client.  There has been fantastic value in SEO for this client, however SEO has been used to gain individual clients and never to gain a large amount of clients in one swing.
More recently, this client was found through one of the keywords we ranked them for by a larger business institution that has hundreds of businesses looking for their services.  Through this partnership opportunity which was started by our SEO campaign, they have been able to gain access to an extremely large number of businesses looking for their exact services.
This is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign — to not only achieve high rankings and gain new clients through SEO, but to also gain referrals from those new clients and even become discovered by partners to grow even faster.

Subcontractor Partnership Opportunity

Sometimes ranking for lower competition keywords can be just as important as competitive ones.  One of our clients who we ranked for several lower competition, lower searched local keywords recently received a new lead from a company in their niche offering complementary services to what they offer.  Again, they were looking to form a partnership to allow our client direct access to their dozens of high profile clients.
This opportunity is estimated to be worth 6 figures over the next year, and continue to grow thereafter.  This partnership would never have been formed if it wasn’t for our client ranking high in search results for their lower competition, local keywords.

The Bottom Line

While most of our SEO campaigns drive tons of new traffic, even those that drive less traffic often are still able to hit home runs.  Every month we hear from clients who have seen new doors open because they were discovered on search engines, which was made possible by their SEO campaign with us.
When we measure a traditional ROI of an SEO campaign, we typically see figures between 150% and 400% by measuring the number of clients directly acquired through search engine marketing.  However when we extend that to include partnerships, subcontractor agreements, and other large deals that are acquired through higher search engine rankings, the ROI can easily exceed 1,000% and in many cases even dramatically more.
Remember: Improved visibility and higher rankings will benefit any business and open new doors and opportunities.  We see it everyday, and we hope we can do the same thing for you and your business!