Using RSS For SEO & Website Traffic

Brendan Egan

Using RSS For SEO & Website Traffic

RSS stands for really simple syndication (it honestly does!) and truly RSS is a really simple form of syndication.  It’s been around for quite a while, but is becoming more popular once again as a form of content syndication, search engine optimization, and a tool to drive referral traffic.

What Is RSS & How Does It Work?

The way it works is quite simple: websites these days using content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress give you a URL that automatically updates each time you post something new to your website.  You can submit that URL to various RSS syndication websites, and every time you update your website, the syndication site will post an update and link to your site.  You can submit to large sites that accept a wide variety of RSS feeds, or smaller niche related sites that will help drive more targeted traffic.

What’s The Benefit Of Using RSS?

There’s really two main benefits of using RSS syndication for your content: referral traffic and links.  Referral traffic is the traffic you’ll receive to your website each time someone visits the RSS feed reader site and clicks through to your website.  This can be as little as 1-2 clicks per month if you’re submitting to a small site, and as high as 1,000+ per month if you’re submitting to a large RSS site and your content is featured.  This traffic is a fantastic boost to any website and in and by itself makes RSS syndication worthwhile.   But in addition to the referral traffic, each time the site grabs your article title it gives you a link.  Over time these links can add up to have a strong SEO value and prove to be a valuable asset in your website’s linking profile.  They can even help you rank higher in search engine results for your website as a whole and for your blog posts!

How Do I Submit To RSS Sites?

There are numerous sites out there, really all it takes is time and patience.  First you have to research your website and make sure it’s RSS compatible.  Then you just have to take the time to find RSS submission sites and submit your feed to them.  This typically takes about 10-20 minutes per site as you have to register, setup a profile, and submit.  Then just rinse and repeat!
We often submit our client’s sites to RSS reader sites as part of their SEO campaign to assist in link building and driving referral traffic to their site.  RSS is an tool that is often unused by marketing and SEO companies, but we definitely see value in it and continue to use it for our clients!