What Role Does Video Play In My Online Marketing?

Brendan Egan

What Role Does Video Play In My Online Marketing?

If I had to pick one area of online marketing that most businesses, big and small, completely overlook it would be video marketing.  Do you know the largest search engine in the world? Yes it’s Google, but do you know the second largest search engine in the world? I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t Bing, Yahoo, AOL, or Ask.  It’s actually YouTube!
Most businesses have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Pinterest boards, but very few have a properly setup YouTube channel with quality videos.

Why Video On YouTube?

Video marketing on YouTube is actually super simple — shoot a video on a topic that is being searched, upload it, and do a little promotion to promote the video.  Yes, there’s more to it than that, but in short that’s the jist of how to put a video on YouTube.
The benefits of using YouTube are mainly SEO related — the videos will rank not only on YouTube but also on Google search results and also pass along some link value to your website if you link to it from the video.
YouTube also allows for seamless integration with Adwords, so you can pay to promote your videos even further and gain more views and clicks.

Why Don’t Businesses Use Video?

I think the main reason most businesses don’t use video properly is because it can be time consuming to record and edit the videos in the first place, plus it requires software to do the video recordings and editing plus some knowledge on how to use the software.  Beyond that I think many businesses don’t know the value of video marketing and don’t see how it can drive new traffic to a website, but I have seen first hand businesses go from zero to hero just by having a strong video and content marketing campaign.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million and video marketing really can help your overall marketing campaign.  In addition to the marketing benefits of video, you can also embed video throughout your website pages and blog posts to help bring them to life and give further insights to your viewers.

How Much Does Video Cost?

The main costs associated with videos are recording the videos, recording the audio, editing the videos, and then marketing the videos.  The cost can vary widely depending on the quality of video you’re looking for.  For example we assist clients with very basic videos for as little as $100, whereas if we handle the entire video in house and its a basic video it would be closer to the $250-$350 range, and a super high quality video that we use a full videography team on can cost upwards of several thousand dollars.  In general, for marketing purposes and getting the word out there’s no reason to go with super high quality video as part of the beauty in YouTube is that small businesses can upload videos that don’t have to be “commercial quality” videos.
No matter what type of video, as long as it represents your business well it can only help your overall marketing campaign.  And the more videos you can get out there and the more information you can share, the better your video marketing campaign will go!