Why Does My Website Need SEO?

Brendan Egan

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

I heard a great quote just the other day that got me thinking about why websites actually need SEO and inspired me to dedicate an entire blog post just to this one quote and concept.  In an ideal world, we would spend a few hundred dollars on a basic website or a few thousand dollars on a highly customized website and be done with building our online presence.   This isn’t an ideal world though, and unfortunately a website is only helpful when you have traffic and leads visiting the site, which brings us to our quote:
“Building a website without ranking in search engines is like shooting a television commercial without buying TV ad space”
This quote couldn’t be further from the truth, but for whatever reason business owners and website owners refuse to accept this fact.  None of us will argue that it makes no sense at all to spend thousands of dollars on filming a television ad without purchasing thousands upon thousands of dollars in ad space.  Yet many people will say that it does make sense to spend thousands of dollars building a website without spending a similar amount on marketing the website through SEO.
Let’s face it– it truly doesn’t matter how pretty or how well designed your website is if you don’t have any visitors.  Many small business owners have no idea how to get visitors to their website through online marketing, so instead of reaching out to a company that specializies in helping small businesses market themselves online, they simply let their website sit idle.  I’ve seen it thousands of times– a website with 1-2 visitors per day but the website owner doesn’t track his traffic statistics, doesn’t know how to improve these numbers, and quite honestly doesn’t understand why his competitor is booming while he is barely staying in business.  We’ve personally brought websites from 1-2 visitors per day up to several hundred visitors per day in a matter of months, and I don’t even need to start to explain how big of an impact that kind of website traffic change has on a small business’ bottom line.
SEO truly doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Sure at first you will experience some initial losses, after all we don’t run the search engines and can’t turn “on” your website’s rankings overnight.  But after time, typically a few months, you will start to see the impact SEO has on your business’ website and will start to experience the results of the campaign through increased revenues.  At this point in time, things in the campaign typically start to turn and instead of dishing money out of your bank account for the campaign, the campaign basically becomes self sustained and is generating more money than it costs.  This is our main goal of any campaign and this is why so many of our clients remain with us even though we don’t have any long term contracts.
So instead of sitting around debating if you could benefit from SEO, simply speak to one of our SEO specialists who can explain more about the types of keywords in your niche that we could rank you for and how much traffic is associated with those keywords.  Trust me, whether you believe it or not there’s hundreds and in most cases thousands of people searching for a product or service just like yours, they just can’t find you…yet