Yet Another Small Business SEO Example

Brendan Egan

Yet Another Small Business SEO Example

We’re always posting results of our small business SEO efforts.  Today we’re going to take a look at the Google Analytics account of a small business that has been doing SEO with us for about 8 months on their company’s website.  We’ve seen some improvements over the entire campaign however the last month, things really jumped into gear and we gained a great amount of traction in this company’s keyword rankings.  While some SEO results can be felt in a short amount of time, this business was going after more competitive keywords for their SEO campaign which is why their results took us a little longer than most less competitive campaigns.

On this chart the blue line represents total website visitors, the orange line represents new visitors, and the green line represents all the traffic from search engines.  We can see that over the course of September, 2011 this campaign nearly quadrupled the overall website traffic and more than tripled the amount of search engine traffic.  Not only is this business seeing more traffic to their website but they’re also seeing more customers.  In fact September was one of their best months to date and they’ve seen more and more new customers coming in the door due to being ranked in search engine results.

Some people think small business SEO isn’t cost effective but I would challenge them because to date there have only been a few industries that we haven’t seen good SEO results in–and we always tell these business owners that we don’t suggest SEO for them.  What kind of other SEO company actually turns away business because they don’t think their clients will see a good ROI?

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